Confirmatory Result

I am Positive. That’s it. That’s the result that i’ve been waiting for almost 3 weeks. The result came from San Lazaro Hospital, One of the doctors at MSHC talked to me about my condition and ask me a couple of questions. Based on her findings and the chart that she showed me I am on Stage 2. Wherein I am exhibiting the following symptoms:

1. Loss of weight to up 10 lbs.
2. Recurring respiratory tract Infection

I was teary eyed when she was talking to me, I realized the gravity of my condition and the next stages of it if I don’t start with my medication as soon as possible.

Now that I have received my confirmatory result; the next test that I need to take would be the CD4 count. She gave me a recommendation letter so I can take the CD4 count for free but I need to go to RITM-Alabang.

I’m thankful that I am alive, that’s all that matters now, I am thinking positive and aiming to extend my life for my loved ones and for myself. What’s done is done. It’s part of my history now. I can’t change it. I have to be strong and think objectively.

I wonder what will be my CD4 count….


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