The Taste of Garlic: Awful

My WBC dropped to 20..yes that is not a good thing I know and I am getting frequent colds, flu and asthma attack..

Been doing my research on how to boost WBC and I read here that Garlic is full of anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, making it a great combatant against colds and the flu.. So I went straight to my fridge and diced 1 clove of Garlic.. pucha ang panget ng lasa.. nakakasuka,, ang init sa bibig at ang init sa tyan.. ganito ba talaga ang lasa pag organic.. grrr..naamoy ko pa din sya..

This time around, I diced them into smaller pieces then hinalo ko sya sa hot water, parang tea.. sana medyo ok na lasa..

Sana after this mawala na colds and flu ko..pag nagkataon baka araw arawin ko na eto..


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