Happy 1st Anniversary to Me!! Yes I’m not dead yet..


It’s been a while since I blogged about my condition, a lot of good and not so good things happened to me since my last post. If I remember my last post here was about my New Hope, yes I went to RITM but my weakened body didn’t handle the travel time and the long procedure that I decided to not pursue any medication related to my condition.

Two months after that I got hospitalized for Bronchial Asthma attacked. The worst of it’s kind if I may say. I was ready to die then, I was confined for 10 days and was on leave of absence for 1 month.

December of 2012, my partner left me and since then i’ve been battling(dying), if that is the right word,  my condition all by myself.

September 10, marks my 1st anniversary for being a pozi, I didn’t realize that until I got hospitalized again for the 2nd time first week of this month..

Yey! Am I happy? Yes because i’m still alive after a year… but while I was at the hospital, It came to a point that I ask God na tapusin na lang buhay ko.. I’m ready… well i’m not pero cge lang, I had a full life.. pagod na kc ako…kung bibigyan ako ng chance maging tao ulit cguro dun na lang ako babawi, I will make sure to learn from everything that happened to me in the past. 

I’m still fighting, malakas ang fighting spirit ko, don’t get me wrong, I think the people, my colleagues at work can attest to that. No one knows about my condition, even my family but they can see that i’m fighting. Hindi ko nga lang alam hanggang saan tatagal ng katawan ko.. ang totoo nakaplano na.. i’m the head of the family so I have to make sure na secured ang family ko by the time I leave them. 

If you’re asking what i’m taking now, Vitamins, fruits, more on fish, pero I noticed kapag hindi ako nakakain ng fruits dun ako nanghihina. Sana may cure na sa condition ko.

Happy 1st Anniversary to me!  🙂


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