I Quit


I finally have decided to render my resignation. My original plan of quitting early next year did not go as planned because of my current condition, I am repeatedly visited by cough and flu. It seemed to love my presence that during my rest days I am bedridden to get a full rest to prepare for the work week. While during work week I experience shortness of breathing or a moment of pain in my chest.

Yesterday, I spoke to my superior and to my peers about my “condition”. It was a tough decision to make, I have served the company for more than half a decade, I think I have contributed a little something if not big for the success of the company, and it pains me to leave the people under my bucket, I can’t leave them yet that’s why I thought of quitting early next year, I had to make sure they will be in good hands when I leave..but I need to rest and get full recovery, I can always go back and work but for me to do that I need to recover first, (At the back of my head i’m thinking as if my sickness is gonna go away anytime soon..)

I am waiting for final approval, my mom wanted me to stay in the province, I also wanted that, I need some fresh air, gusto ko ng buhay probinsya.  

I don’t know where to go from here, all I know is that I am waiting for death to visit me. At this point that is the best solution for me to have a fresh start.


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