Dear Selfie: Wake Up!

Dear Selfie,

I realized today that life doesn’t end here. Yes, I have HIV but I am not yet dead, at least not yet. That means I can still live a normal life like others.  I just have to make things work for me positively.

I started by creating a twitter account @iampozguy. I don’t know if others will call this a desperate move to find love but I really want to meet PLHIV’s. I want to fall in love. I want to be loved and I want to love someone still. I hope to meet him soon.

Starting today I will not feel sorry for myself whenever my body is showing changes related to my condition. Instead I will focus on the positive side, I will take the meds and think of the brighter side ahead of me. I will stop thinking about death and goodbye instead I will live a normal life.

Stay Hopeful,

I Love You Selfie!


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