ER Admission: Season 3

Dear Selfie,

After 10 days of severe coughing I finally decided to go to ER in one of the hospitals nearby my place and had myself admitted for Bronchial Asthma.

The asthma is gone but i’m still coughing though it’s not as bad as how I was experiencing it 10 days ago. It was worse, disturbing actually, I felt like I was coughing like an old patient with a case of Tubercolosis. I felt like the cough was pulling out my lungs out of my body. I felt like i’m not going to last another day had I not decided to just swallow my pride.

I should have gone to the hospital after 3 days of no improvement, I didn’t want to because i’m embarrased because the ER staff knows who I am, just by looking at my name and my face they don’t need to look at my history they know it’s asthma, that’s why I opted to self medicate. Well i’m already admitted and being treated. That’s better than dying of doing nothing. But honestly, while I was in ER I wanted to borrow someone else’s face out of humiliation and embarrassment. Hahaha 

But God is great. Eventhough I am sick I don’t look like one in fact my girl friends were surpised to see me with a much lighter aura, they we’re expecting a much worse me considering this will be the 3rd time that I got admitted in less than 1 year.

I had my XRAY and CT SCAN w/Contrast done yesterday, he couldn’t find anything in my XRAY but with my CTSCAN he found out that I have Pneumonia so for the moment I am confined until my lungs is clean.

Yan n muna for now, dami ko pa kwento about my new found pozi friends in Twitter world and my renewed faith with God.

I am a soldier and I know God will not give me this kind of battle if I am not one of his strongest soldier. I will fight.  Magiging maayos din ang lahat.


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