I Feel Blessed

Dear Selfie:

A lot of positive things happened in my life recently. Let me start by saying that after a week of confinement because of Pneumonia i’m already out of the hospital. Praise God! Thank you Lord again for giving me another chance to live and enjoy your gift of life. There’s just so much gratitude and love that is overflowing towards you Lord God. Thank you.

Going back, For the first time I attended the early morning prayer devotion with my mom. She’s been nagging me to join her for as long as I can remember and i’ve been declining her request for no reason at all. But I promised myself that I will find time to attend at least twice a week. Thank you for your unconditional love mom.

Then, I went straight to RITM ARG to request for a change of meds from Nevi to Efav because of the rashes and the recurring fever side effects. With the exception of the long wait time which I am not nagging about but am just saying, LOL, I managed to have it accomplished.

Another reason for me to feel blessed are the people in RITM and the people that I met from Twitter OSG. Earlier, I’m blessed to bump in to Kuya Yuan, Ate Nova and Ate Beth again.. She got sick pala that’s why I haven’t seen her, it shows, she lost a little weight though. I will pray for her faster recovery.  They are all good people. I can’t ask for more. I heard stories about some of the staff of being indifferent but I don’t think that’s the real deal. They are just misunderstood. Again, beggars can’t be choosers. I’m just saying my own opinion here, I don’t even want to go further.. what I am saying is yes I see that there is really an opportunity— and I hope they are looking into it.  As long as I will get what I need to survive I will not complain, I will patiently wait for my turn.  🙂

Around 7:30 AM I got a call from Daddy Drew asking me about my code. He came in early pala to accompany Bogs for his CD4 testing and since he’s in the neighborhood he assisted me by requesting to have my CD4 done today if possible. Thank you guys. I really feel blessed because of people like them. As I posted in one of my tweets: “Happy ako and inspired to be alive..”  hahaha. It Helps a lot, especially in my case, I don’t have anyone who knows about my status, no one knows in my family, not even a friend and I felt like the burden is just way too heavy to carry. Add to that my lack of will to survive. But my decision to start with ARV and join the OSG and my renewed faith with God changed everything as to how I perceive life now. I think I appreciate life now more than ever.I do.. Thank you guys for the encouragement, for being a good listener and for being accommodating. Appreciate the camaraderie!

Lastly, I’m happy that I finally met YOU in person.  I’m happy that I finally saw the face sa mga sermon mo sa akin about me skipping my meds and not being compliant. I’m happy that I finally got to see how beautiful you are inside and out.  I will create a separate blog for you alone.  Ayiiiiiii..  

God andami reasons. Thank you for the life. I want to live na because of them..because of YOU. I really feel blessed Lord. 

Update on my CD4 Test: I am still waiting for the test to push through. As per Ate Nova probably this week if not next week she will schedule me for one. I will patiently wait. Thank you God for this progress.


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