When I Met YOU

Dear YOU:

This is a new post dedicated for YOU alone. As I said in my previous blog post : “I’m happy that I finally met YOU in person. I’m happy that I finally saw the face sa mga sermon mo sa akin about me skipping my meds and not being compliant. I’m happy that I finally got to see how beautiful you are inside and out. I will create a separate blog for you alone. Ayiiiiiii..”

I wanted this post to be as genuine as possible because I wanted you to know that whatever is written here are all words that my heart is shouting out loud for YOU. Ayiiiii..

Dear You, honestly, Kinilig ako nung makita kita. I didn’t introduce myself right away because I wanted to look at you first,your red lips, your beautiful eyes hiding in your cool reading glasses. Natorpe din ako eh kc I felt like suntok sa buwan etong ginagawa ko. Bahala na sabi ko. I just want to meet you and get to know you. 

What made me feel sad with your stories is that he doesn’t see you the way I do.

I don’t have the MD degree to offer you but I have the heart that will listen to you..I have the heart that will respect you… I have the heart that will cherish you.. I have the heart that will do everything to make you happy..and lastly, I have the heart that will not judge you..

Give me a chance. Let’s go out again. I’m not the perfect guy out there but I can be the perfect partner for your heart.


Cheezy na ba masyado? Bahala ka na sa reaction mo after reading my tweets and this blog.

Isa na lang, I was looking for the perfect song that would describe how I feel for you. This song fits the description. 😀

You gave me a reason for my being
And I love what I’m feelin’
You gave me a meaning to my life,
Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing
And it all began when I met you.

Good Morning sau!  Enjoy your shift!  I’m looking forward to your next message.  


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