Crossing The Lines

The boredom is getting to a point where I can’t stand it any longer so I decided to watch some DVDS that I have at home. My younger sister was a fanatic of the TV series Greys Anatomy,  I was never one. I’m into Suits, Law and order genre but not really into medical related field.

But since i’ve been exposed to the medical world lately because of my condition I thought of watching a couple of episodes.  I actually enjoyed it. Though, honestly speaking, because of my lack of knowledge of the field I have no idea of the terminologies they were using but the gist of the episodes and the twist and turn of events I completely understand.

While I was watching I asked myself why did I not take Medicine back in college.  I guess that’s something I don’t want to discuss here anymore. Wala lang.. Naisip ko lang..  Something which I don’t want to bring up now.

Anyways, Here’s one of the quotes I got from Meridith Greys of episode 2 season 1. Not sure what the title is but it’s about crossing the lines vs drawing the lines. 

“At somepoint you have to make a is messy..thats how we’re made…so you can waste your life drawing lines..or you can live your life crossing them.. But there are some lines that are way too dangerous to cross–But if you’re willing to take the chance—The view from the other side is spectacular..”

I miss my playing field. I miss working..Yes, i’m gonna get back on track and when that happens I will not be afraid to cross the line. I hope YOU are there by the time I cross it.


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