Just ME

Dear Selfie:

It’s a Saturday. I normally love weekends. It’s a family day. It’s the best day of the week for me if you plan to go out with your family and your special someone. But today and tomorrow will be different. You already know the reason why. I guess this is how it’s gonna be huh..

Last night before I went to bed, thoughts about ME filled my mind. Yes ME, I often say YOU but last night was different. I decided to send a message to a friend and ask him about my situation. I felt like I was Adele asking her friend ♫Should I give up or should I just keep on chasing pavements..♫ 

My friend was kind enough to listen and gave a perspective on how I should handle the situation…And he’s right.I should not jump into the fire without knowing what i’m getting into.

ME going through all this “changes” — Can I handle the pressure of it? What is my priority? Is it love or health? Is love my priority at this point? He’s right. Those questions were raised last night and at the top of my head I already know that my priority is ME. It can wait..And I meant Love.

But this contradicts my previous post about crossing the line and taking the risk. I wanted to take the risk, not until I know he’s willing to do the same for me. If he’s not, then end point.

Is he???


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