Dear Selfie,I’m not supposed to sleep late. I should be getting enough rest but last night was somewhat a different story. YOU can’t sleep and wanted to drink. Like me, he’s not allowed to drink liquor. It’s not good because we’re taking ARV, siya nagsabe nun sa akin when we first met and since it’s late and we’re living from  the opposite side of the metro I asked him if we can Skype instead. (You do know that I miss him badly and I would do everything just to see him again, right? So yes Skype-ing was my desperate answer to see him that night. 😀 LOL )  And he agreed.

YOU said he can’t sleep and wants to drink just 1 bottle. I refused. So I changed the topic back to my questions that he can’t answer. 1. I asked him what’s stopping him from entertaining the new guy.. (that’s me BTW) He said he’s not yet ready. He said he’s still commited to someone (makes me wonder how you can be to someone you don’t love..)

You know what I was thinking… either because of my looks or i’m not good enough for him. Those are the two reasons  why he will not let go.  So I asked him is it because of my looks, he said NO ( I doubted his answer ). Too bad I didn’t ask him the latter. 

“I think we’re better off as friends. What do you think? Do you think we will be better off as friends?”  I asked him repeatedly while looking at his eyes…While staring at him..

What’s going through my mind then was Yes, we will be better off as friends.. but I gotta give a shot, I think I will make a good partner for him. I think I like him and I think I love him.. And that I will take him seriously.  His eyes.. He wants to but something is holding him back..

It was past 12AM, I didn’t realize it was that late, my sister arrived and we had to cut our Skype-ing and besides i’m already sleepy and groggy because of the meds.  But before we ended I managed to take stolen shots of him hehehe. La lang.. Something to keep for myself that will inspire me at night (kidding).. LoL.

I was successful in not making him drink a bottle of liquor for that night. I don’t know in the future. Bahala siya, matanda na sya, he’s old enough to know what’s right and what’s not for him.. Just don’t do that infront of me and magagalit ako.

I hope that’s not gonna be the last Skype-ing that we will do together.  Thank you YOU for keeping me hanging hahaha. I’m enjoying the ride, I just really hope the road does not get bumpy..


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