If You’re Not The One…YOU

Dear Selfie:

It’s fifteen past three in the morning. I was awaken by a thought in my head. It’s YOU.  I’ve been thinking about YOU and then I realized that there was never a second or minute or not even a day that I did not think of him since October 14. I knew from the time that we were spending through text this is something special…Us..Him..YOU.

He was in my heart and in my head all this time. What’s different now is it’s becoming stronger as the day passes by. The more he gives time to know me the more I know him..the more my heart falls for him.

I feel like i’m the luckiest guy that ever lived because I got the chance to spend time with him yesterday afternoon.  I think this is the part of the so called “courtship” or “getting-to-know-you” stage where for the sake of our lives I need to keep everything private. I think he deserves that and I deserve that too..(feeling celebrity? LOL) Kidding aside, I don’t wanna go into the full details of our txt-ing and Skype-ing conversations.  

To YOU, It’s a date on Saturday.  I will pray that heavy rains will fall all week and that come Saturday the skies will be all clear for us to watch sunset together.. I can’t wait.

Thank you also YOU for praying with me. I never did that before with someone I love. This is the first time I prayed with my loved one. It feels good. I hope God heard us. I’m sure he did. That won’t be the last time that we will pray together. We’ll pray harder that he will be in the center of our relationship. We’ll make it work for the both of us.

I’m now playing Daniel Bedingfields song in my phone’s MP3: “If You’re Not The One” and the lyrics of the song best describes how I feel towards YOU.

“I Love you…Whether it’s wrong or right..

I hope I love you all my life..”

I’m excited to sleep knowing that when I wake up I will spend every moment of my life with YOU. 


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