The Flag Ceremony

It was already past eleven in the evening last night, just in time for me to sleep..well it was already late but I wanted to spend time with him so I didn’t mind what time it was, I was busy listening to the song of AJ Rafael’s We Could Happen when I felt dizzy, everything around me was moving in circles slowly, I realized that it was the meds so I told him i’m gonna hit the sack.

We were doing our usual exchanges of sweet messages when I..all of a sudden felt my flagpole was up…I told him mine was up but I have no plans of doing anything tonight..or with him..not until we get to a point that we’re officially ready for it..I told him IT CAN WAIT.
It was too fast, his hand touched mine and mine touched his….I started kissing him and I moved down to his neck and his arms to his armpits.  I felt like I was hyperventilating into his kiss.

I stopped kissing him and told him I have a secret to tell: “malibog ako…Please wag ka maturn off sa akin..if you don’t like what i’m doing tell me to stop and I will stop..”

“Pigilan mo yan, baka naman araw-arawin mo ako nyan manghihina tau..,” he said.
With a mischievous smile I kissed him again and covered ourselves with his white blanket.  I squeezed his hand and locked my eyes into his. I then leaned over and groaned while kissing him and said “I love you..Tang ina..”
“Opps bawal magmura..I don’t curse, bad yan sa harap ko..,” then he smiled
I stopped and looked at him “I curse a lot.. Kahit english?…Ok po, sorry mahal ko, hindi ko napigilan ang sarap ko eh,”

He then whispered in my ear, “wag lang lagi,”

I stared at him, “Ok i’m gonna bite my lips or the blanket if I feel like cursing..” then I kissed him hard and hungry.

Right then and there, I fell into his kiss and let myself fall into his wonderland.
I then cuddled him and said, “You are mine now,” then gave him a kiss, even though I was perspiring excessively.
In that moment I realized it was all but a dream or hallucination. I know i’m awake because we were texting each other but I see him doing it with me. I can’t tell which one is real that night.  All I know is that everything around me was moving in slow pace except us and that I even held his hand and kissed it and “I love you,” I said and covered his face with kisses.
I didn’t touch myself last night, I know, but the situation left me exhausted and grasping for air.
I didn’t buy the stories I heard about the side effects of Efav until I experienced it last night. Whatever it was, it was so perfect that next time I will take Efav I want to make sure he’s with me and maybe then it will be real. LOL. But without Efav i’m pretty much sure it will be memorable just how we both wanted it to be.

If YOU are reading this, I want you to know that I really Love You and I can’t wait for our first kiss, our first hug, and our first night together.  There’s no other love i’d rather have, there’s no one else that I want for myself except YOU.


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