The Sunset of My Life (If I Lose YOU)

Dear YOU,

Your last text message left me scared that tomorrow something that’s not right is going to happen. Either you will not show up or I will not see you anymore after tomorrow.

Honestly, I noticed you’ve been cold with your text messages lately. I was thinking that you were just busy and that you didn’t want to be disturbed… So I understand. You may not say it but I felt that a part of you had a change of heart (I wish I was wrong on this one…)

Although part of me is saying that life has to move on, bigger part of me sees no one but YOU in my life. I have never been so sure of myself until you came. I am willing to wait..I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove to you that I am not just serious but committed to my words and actions. All I ask is you give me a chance to prove everything. 

I may not have the material things to offer now that makes people happy but I am willing to do the little things to make you smile– I will learn how to cook so I will be the one to cook for your breakfast or for our dinner, or I will learn how to play musical instrument so that whenever you’re bored or feeling sad I will play the guitar or piano and sing to you you’re favorite songs to make you smile, or whenever you’re feeling sad and lonely and just can’t sleep I will be there to give you a warm hug and make sure to scratch your back until you fall asleep in my arms, or if you want to experience extreme adventures and face your fears we’ll make sure that we will do what i’ve always wanted to do in my life like we’ll do a 45 meter pendulum free fall in Bungee Swing Plunge at Danao Adventure park in Bohol, or we’ll jump off a plane at 10,000 feet in Cebu or Pampanga, or if we’re both busy from work we’ll go to Anilao and go for a short dive, swim with the cousins of Nemo underneath while we are blown away by the vibrant coral reefs. Lastly, if you feel like experiencing a spectacular sight we can watch the Sunrise and Sunset together while we dream our tomorrow as one.


I want YOU to know that I want to be that person who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.


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