Dear YOU

Dear YOU,

We both agreed that what we had was real. Though we were defined by society as friends because you are still involved with someone, we both know we were more than that. I’m sorry if I said things that were out of the line and may have hurt your feelings.

I wish I can undo those things for us..for you.. but I guess it was too late because you already made a decision.

Thank You for giving me the reason to live, Thank you for making me feel loved especially when I was at the hospital, Thank you for waking me up in the morning reminding me to take my meds, Thank you for always checking on me, Thank for your sacrifices just to spend time with me and most especially Thank you for being You.

You are the reason for everything that I will be tomorrow.

I hope and pray that our paths will cross again, and when that time comes I hope you have forgiven me and that we are both ready for a second chance.

I will wait for YOU..

I Love You Simon…

Love is so short, forgetting is so long. 
– Pablo Neruda

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