Until Then.. My YOU

Hi Simon. Good Morning. I thought you should know that I’m dating someone now. I’m happy bec he’s also poz. I think he likes me as well. Its our 2nd time to go out on a date and we’re looking forward to going out again. We will go to CamSur early next year. We already have a plan set.

Simon I need to let you go. I waited for your text, call, message but I did not get any indication that you still want me back. I need to be happy. My loneliness has gotten to a point that I no longer think of Christmas as a special day. It is just another day for me. Until I met this person. I’m not sure if he is serious but when we kissed I was teary eyed. I told him I’m not for fun. He said I know. I was silent and happy but scared inside.

I need to say goodbye. I don’t know how I will react if our paths will cross again in the future. One thing is sure though. I will not forget YOU.

…Until then my YOU

December 12, 2013
4:28 AM


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