Fugging Kiss!!

Last night I had difficulty sleeping and I wished..prayed if you call it that way if I could get into someone else’s mind or dream about someone…something far from what I am going through at the moment.

The wish turned into a reality when I dreamed about this pastry chef guy. Our paths crossed when I decided to look for a pastry shop that I can franchise- since I got sick my dad has been telling me to attend to a franchising seminar and he’ll finance my business – I remember not being in the mood to go to his pastry shop for some reason either because (1) I had other things in mind at that time (2) just not in the mood at all. But still I went to his shop. He showed me around the production area. It was larger compared to a regular pastry shop. The equipments they’re using we’re all state of the art and quite a handful. His staff we’re all busy doing their own thing. I noticed they we’re all wearing white. “What do you know about pastry?” he asked.

“My dad’s side owns a pastry shop in the province and when I was a kid I stayed in one of their pastry branch in Las Pinas for one summer so I could get the hang of the business” ,I said.

“How long have you been on this business?”, I asked.

“We’ve been with the business for quite a while na din and my wife is helping me run the business.”,he said.

“Ah ganun ba…”, I said.

I think that’s the reason why my mood turned sour and I wanted to end the Show-Me-Your-Business moment. He has a fugging wife! But for the sake of business and money I opted to proceed. He noticed it but I didn’t give him a chance to ask.

“Let me show you the office.”, he said.

You know what I find weird with their shop is that they have a spacious production floor and yet their office is stipulated right on the very top of it probably so they can get a birds eye view of their manpower but for you to get to the top you will need to climb a ladder.

He climbed the ladder first. But while he was on his way up
I was verbally complaining how difficult it is to climb a ladder especially for an asthmatic person like me.

Few steps before I reached the dock he can still hear me complain “I don’t think this is going to work for me. I have asthma and I can’t have an office like this. Why the heck is your office set up this way? Who thought of this?”

That’s when out of nowhere he grabbed me up as quick as possible and touched my lips with his lips.

Kinilabutan ako. I felt a tingle all over my body it started from my feet all the way to my heart. I felt it my heart pumped not faster but ONE-BIG-SLOW-MOTION-PUMPED. I had a messenger bag with me and a clipboard that I’m using to write down my observation so when he grabbed me I laid down to a position where my head rested on his lap and that’s when he kissed me.

“What the fuck was that?!!”
“Anu yun!!!”
I was shouting feeling harrased at hinahampas ko pa yung clipboard sa sahig because I can’t stand up he was still holding me.

“Sushh, my wife is on the other room”, then placed his index finger in between his mouth and covered my mouth because I was still in shock of what he did.

I woke up feeling a tingle in my whole body…smiling…and asked myself “Was that a dream or is that person for real?” I don’t remember his name. God I hate it when my Lethologica is attacking at the wrong place and wrong time.

I tried focusing by going back to sleep hoping that he will explain what the kiss was about. He has a wife for fugging Christ sake! Why would he kiss me and the way he kissed me I can’t explain it. I wanted a kiss like that for such a long time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to his brain anymore. He must be awaken by what happened in our dream.

I don’t know if I will see you again but I want you to know it was the most fugging kiss that happened to me. Thank you for making me feel better.


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