Road To Recovery

Time flies. Today is March 2,2014. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I officially quit my job but it’s been 2 months since I have been resting to fully recover from my bronchitis. Where am I at the moment? Am I fully recovered? Are the things that I’m doing aworking for my body? What are my other plans to fully restore my healthy body?

Before I start may I just say that I don’t recall sharing anything about my condition here except for the first few blogs that I created when I was diagnosed back in 2012. Normally, I share about my heartaches, my sentiments and my dreams about being kissed by a married guy. LOL.

Last 4 months of 2013 I noticed that I’ve been getting weak and sick to a point that I’ve been skipping work for weeks and months so I made a decision..a tough one for I never wanted to leave my employer. They’ve been very considerate to me, to my needs and in terms of location and pay what more can I ask, but I needed to make that decision.

My health has taken a toll not only to me personally but to the people under me. So I quit after half a decade of working with them.

I needed something to keep me preoccupied. I’m the type of person who easily gets bored in doing nothing. And besides Tweeting will not be enough so I thought of things that I’ve always wanted to do for the longest time.

Since i’ve always wanted to buy my own Mountain Bike I decided to get one. I even remember going to QC Circle and work out and rent a bike for an hour so I can complete my exercises. So after budgeting my expenses and my medicines I bought one. For two weeks almost everyday I’ve been biking within the area..

The result? I can see the muscles in my thigh part building and I feel stronger. It has become a daily habit if not every other day that I will bike for half an hour to an hour within the vicinity. But I felt I needed to do other workout exercises so I started doing crunches and push ups. At first I thought I will not be able to finish 100 crunches or or 50 push ups but now I can finish 400-500 crunches daily and 100 push ups.

The result? My muscles are getting toned, I can feel that my tummy is building it’s muscles and I’m getting a good stamina for the whole day plus I feel a lot better. I will continue to do this daily habit since it’s helping me regain my strength and it helps me achieve a sculpted physique which i’ve always wanted.

The foods that I eat? I started reading about immune system boosters the natural way and I discovered a lot of veges and fruits that are rich in anti viral and immune boosters. I posted them in my Twitter account. There’s quiet a lot. Just follow me in so you can check them out and you can try them yourself. But to name a few of my favorites: Shiitake a mushroom, Kimchi. I always have those in my meal.

What else? I cook my own food. Recently,I discovered that with the right ingredients and desire to eat a healthy meal I can cook. Hahaha. I’ve been cooking for the family for almost two weeks now. I cook foods that are non traditional yet healthy and nutritious. And I plan to try and learn more recipes that will surely satisfy not just my appetite but my appetite for a healthy body.

I make sure I get enough sleep. As early as 9-10PM I am already in bed and I wake up around 4:30-5:00 AM and prepare for my workout. My internal alarm clock has already adjusted that I don’t depend on my alarm clock to wake me up. Its my own body clock that wakes me up early in the morning.

For now those are the things that’s keeping me preoccupied. I’m thankful that I am still alive inspite of my everything that happened. Goal is to regain my strength hopefully my life will go back to normal and at the same time reinvent myself and discover new things that will help me become a better person.

Next month I will go back to boxing and swimming but I want to travel first. I miss the beach!! I need a breath of fresh air and I want to try catching some waves!!  I know I can do it! I will do it!!

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

To a better and healthier Amir!!! Thank You Lord!!


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