My Amazing Life!

It’s been literally one whole day that I did not open nor posted any tweets in my Twitter account.

I guess since it was my birthday I wanted sometime for myself and reflect on the the events that happened in the last 365 days.

My conclusion: It has been a tough year for me! No words will match what the last 365 days has meant to me. The struggles I’ve been through was undeniably a down to earth experience.

So I decided to have a quiet time for myself. But as the saying goes: “Best Things Happen When You Least Expect It!!” I met someone in an online social networking for PLU. Though we already had a chance to have a decent conversation in the past it didn’t push through for some strange reason. But last night he invited me out for a dinner. Needless to say, He made my birthday very special. It was truly unexpected. Thank you for the warmth hug and for the special dinner date.

I don’t know where our special friendship will take us but I am guarding not just my heart but you. I am not the normal kind of guy. I am a tainted one. Tainted by my wrong decisions in the past. Loving me comes with a prize. And I am not willing to risk you for that.

I don’t know if you will accept me one day. But there’s a part of me hoping that one day you will.

For today, I am glad you’re making me feel important and special. Expect that I will do the same.

Good Night!


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