Baler Getaway!

I have a royal blood and my clock is ticking. Because of my immuno compromised condition any moment I can get an OI that will kill me in an instant. And I don’t wanna die just like that without filling up my bucket list. So after months and months of resting and preparation I finally decided to go to Baler and learn how to surf.  It’s something that i’ve always wanted to learn. There’s something about it that before I die I will be proud to say to myself that I experienced surfing in Baler.

So my adventure began.


From Manila I took the Joy bus going to Baler. I arrived in the terminal around 10:30 PM. I was planning to book the 11:00 PM trip but all trips were fully booked except for the last trip which is the 2:30AM. I had no choice but to get the last one and wait. 7 hours later I got off and hopped on a tricycle. It was rainy when I arrived in Baler and since I didn’t have any itinerary except learning how to surf I asked the driver Kuya Robert to help me get a place near Sabang Beach. Told him my budget was below P1000. I didn’t want to spend more for the place. The cheaper the better! That’s my goal!  So he searched the nearby transient houses luckily I got one at P500/day. It’s not actually a transient house but a residential house but since the weather at that time was not good and the transient houses we visited were fully booked the owner Ate Belen offered their extra room.

After I got my stuff unpacked I asked Kuya Robert to drop me off at Bay’s Inn. I was starving and can’t wait to try the delicious foods in Baler. Paid him a P100 for helping me get a place and for the fare.  So I went to Bay’s Inn and tried their fish. I forgot the name but sinabawang fish yung kinain ko. It was served in a big bowl- -It was really good. I had 2 cups of rice that day. I had a feeling that by the end of that journey i’ll gain more weight. Which is good! haha

Eventually, I went back to Ate Belen’s house and decided to take a nap while waiting for the rain to stop.

I woke up with the sun 3 hours later. Went for a walk and observed the ocean, and the people around me.  I sat on the shore and took some selfie shots using my phone while listening to Zedd’s Lost At Sea.


Gathered my thoughts and my balls I started asking around for an Instructor that will teach me how to surf. They referred me to Kuya Ariel. He’s been surfing for 20 years unfortunately, surfing impacted his hearing ability especially on his left ears. He was nice, very accommodating and very patient with me, though I had difficulty having a conversation without raising my voice because of his condition. Needless to say I learned the basics of Surfing because of him!

He pushed my board and yelled Paddle, Paddle! I fell. I counted the number of times I fell I think it was 5-6 times. He said focus, just relax and feel the wave.

I am determined to learn surfing so I removed all apprehensions and focused with the point of my direction and felt the wave beneath me. After several attempts of pushing I finally felt the wave rising and saw myself standing up on the board and road my first wave.

I said to myself, it’s official… I fell in love.

After hours of thrilling surf session I decided to go to The Rolling stores. I went there and tried their delicious food.

Went back to my room and decided to take a rest.

I woke up early in the morning the following day and took some shots of the Sunrise.


Right around that time I got a text message from my sister, saying that they’re in the Bus Terminal in Sabang. They followed me in Baler. hahaha. She wanted to experience surfing as well so she asked mom to accompany her. Great! You spoiled my time alone! Hahaha.  So I fetched them and showed them around. Good thing it was a weekend we went to Bay’s Inn and tried their breakfast buffet @ P180/head. It was okay. I enjoyed the buffet but I loved the paco salad! The best!

We didn’t waste any time I accompanied my sister to Kuya Ariel’s fellow instructor and asked them to teach my sister how to surf. My mom, wanted to try surfing as well! hahaha. Told her no! No! That’s not for you! You’re too heavy for the board to carry! hahaha.

I can’t get enough of surfing so I gave it another try. After waiting for Kuya Ariel to finish assisting his other client it was my turn to surf. So while waiting I decided to do some warm up exercises and crunches. Managed to do 100 push ups and 200 crunches!

After an hour of surfing we took some group shots near the shore sort of family bonding. Unfortunately, my other sister didn’t join them well maybe next time sis. =)

After our thrilling surfing and selfie shots I decided to bring them to The Rolling Stores. So we went there and tried their fish menu. Rolling store is like the Jolly Jeeps that you’ll find in Makati. According to my friend, they used to roll around the metro but eventually they settled into one location. The food is great, we all enjoyed our lunch at a cheaper price!

Mom and sister wanted to go back to Manila right away because they have a responsibility that they need to do in our Sunday Service but I convinced them to stay for another 2 hours.

I called a good friend and asked him if he can guide us using his tricycle to visit nearby tourist spots for me and my sis and mom. Luckily, he agreed so long as I pay for the gas. I paid P200 and we visited spots like Ermita Hill, Diguisit Falls, Aniao Islet Beach and of course we all enjoyed our group shots and selfie shots!

There were other spots I wanted them to see but they didn’t have enough time to stay. Seemed like they travel longer than they stayed.

I decided to stick with my original plan and we dropped them off to the nearest bus terminal and went on our next trip.

Great things really happen when you least expect it. The person I met in Baler who’s now a special friend of mine brought me to the breathtaking spots. I was seated at the back of his single motorcycle.

The next two days were filled with an adventure road trip to spots like the Balete Millennium Tree, Amper Beach, Dipaculao Farm, Charlie’s Point, Baler Fish Port, and Dicasalarin Beach and Light house.

I would say this is the best road trip so far. 4 days is not enough. I want to go back and Surf again and visit the other falls, mingle with the locals, try their other fish menu and live the moment.

My friend sent me a viber message saying I have an open invitation if ever I decide to go back.

I will definitely keep that in mind. I Will just regain my strength and will plan my next getaway trip. 4 days is just a short time for me to explore baler. Some intimate moments are worth keeping…

Mr. Baler, Thank you for making my trip the best trip and helping me achieve my best selfies, looking forward in seeing you and your kid again very soon. You treated me very special and close to you. 🙂

Next trip: Camarines Norte or Sur. I’m contemplating whether I should go to Calaguas or Catanduanes first. I can’t go there alone. I need buddies to share the expenses. We’ll see.. Will read about the backpack travellers blog online for now.

For now I will relieve the memories of Baler in my heart and in my mind. I love you!! 😉


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