Soul Searching

I’m still alive! Yes! I’ve been on a journey to a far far away place that I decided not to update my WP blog. I travelled back to Baler and lived there for 5 weeks– That’s one whole month!!

I decided to go on a soul searching since I needed a break from the metro life and my body is in need of a fresh air and I’ve been hearing the waves in my head like it’s calling me to get a life and mean my bucketlist.

What did I do in Baler for one whole month? I went to the beautiful spots of Aurora and appreciated it’s beauty. Ah, everyday I surf! I can say my knowledge about surfing leveled up but I still have many years to prove to myself and to others that I’m an extreme surfer. For now I’m proud to say that I can stand and balance using a long board and I can paddle. That’s still a feat! 🙂

I went on a river trekking, mountain hiking, to get to those spots like Mother Falls and PAG-ASA lighthouse you need to hike and trek for 20 minutes!! That’s not easy!

I enjoyed waking up early morning and catch the sunrise. I usually do my meditation while waiting for the sun. The sunrise in Baler is hard to catch so as soon it’s up I capture it using my camera phone. Sometimes I get this feeling that it’s telling me that “I got your back Amir..don’t worry!”

The beach and the sun helped me a lot cope up with my OI that when I got back in my hub for follow up sputum test the results were negative.

I met and fell in love with someone. I love him but I know our relationship is going nowhere. I have a feeling that we’re a dead end unless one of us will move somewhere..definitely it’s me. It has to be me. The guy has a kid and his source of income is there but we’re taking our chances.

What did I realize from my soul searching?

Life is too short that you literally have to live it.

I’m back home and I still think of Baler..the beach, the sunrise, the sunset, the smell of the ricefields, the heat of the sunlight that burned the OI virus in my lungs, the food, the people, I miss kissing him.. Whenever we go to our favorite river or the beach we always go underneath and swim then kiss each other.

I think I left my soul in Baler and I’ll be coming back anytime soon….either to get it or leave it we’ll see about that.


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