Isang Himala..

I’m back here in Baler. One week na ako dito. He invited me over since I’m not doing anything in Manila and my asthma attack has been on and off again. I’ll be here until 17th of this month. I need to be home by 18th for my refill.

Napapadalas na ang pagpunta ko dito. Masaya naman ako pero I feel empty inside. I’m not sad, I’m also not that happy. Sakto lang. Something is bothering me but I don’t entertain it.

Yesterday I attended a small prayer meeting lead by Pastor Richard of Victory here in Baler and his topic was about FAITH and he pointed out that:

‘Faith faces the problem but focuses on the promise…’

Napapaisip tuloy ako. What’s gonna happen to me tomorrow?

Lord, I don’t really know.  Help me. I will hold on to your promise. Please guide me. Help me.

Kahit isang himala lang po….

Kaya ko to!!


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