You’ll be okay Amir…


Today is the 7th day that I’ve been bed ridden because of my cough and difficulty in breathing. Let’s just put all under Asthma.

I don’t understand why I feel tired lately, I don’t remember doing any activity that would worsen my condition except biking…but I only bike every other day!

Hirap! Hirap na hirap na ako. Sakit sa dibdib. I just find myself crying while staring in front of the mirror out of frustration.

I texted my mom the other day na umuwi na para alagaan ako and she did not hesitate to get the earliest flight back to Manila. I’m happy that she’s home.

Last night hinilot ako ni ermat masarap sa pakiramdam but that did not stop my lungs from coughing. Napuyat ako last night I didn’t get enough sleep because of my situation.

I won’t let this virus kill me!! I’m not giving up! I will fight back!!

You’ll be okay in no time Amir…


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