Gasping for air. I tried to medicate by using my nebulizer but no use. The air coming out of the tube cannot get pass through my lungs. Something is blocking my air passage. I feel it. The more I feel the pain the harder I breath and the harder I try to breath the more I feel that I am at my last hour. 

“KM”, I shouted, calling my sister as loud as I could.

“Kuha mo ako tricycle…di ko na kaya. Di n ako makahinga. Dalhin mo na ako sa hospital please!!”, I said.

She moved as fast as she could to get a tricycle to rush me to the nearest hospital.

She tried to carry me but I was too heavy so she place my right arms on her shoulder and hurriedly we walked down the stairs when mom arrived with the medicines she bought from the nearest drugstore.

Mom took over and asked my sister to go back to the house and lock the door and call dad.

It was my mom who rushed me to the nearest hospital. I was holding my chest and I was gasping for air. I still couldn’t breathe..mom was raising her voice “Dali..please.. Mawawalan na malay anak ko..Please! Please!”

And the tricycle driver moved as fast as he could and yelled to the jeepneys and cars blocking his way saying “Emergency! Emergency! Padaanin niyo kami!!” but there was a heavy traffic that day because of an on going road construction in the area near the hospital. That was the last thing I recall that morning and then I’m gone…

To be continued..


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