I finally decided to distance myself from him. I thought it was all worth it but then this is according to my side of the story, it isn’t.

I think I have all the characteristics of someone you don’t wanna be with like: emo, clingy, needy, immature, moody. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. That’s just it. Coz if it is, this would have been a different blog post altogether but the reality is this is a blog post about a poz guy who made an attempt to love for the Nth time.

Falling in love with someone is easy but finding that one person who will love you back the way you love them is a long shot but it’s worth the pain.

That’s just one side of me, if you didn’t make me feel unwanted and unappreciated, you would’ve seen that other side of me.

No regrets though. It was a great experience knowing you.

Ingat ka din parate,MP

Maaga pa, I want my next one to be my last one.


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