7714: Part 2

I woke up around three in the afternoon. That was five hours after I was rushed at the hospital. The first 60 seconds I felt like I just woke up like I was asleep and when I regained consciousness I realized I was already in bed with doctors and nurses with my mom surrounding me. I panicked. I felt a pain in my throat..that’s when my mom told me that they already sucked a tube in my mouth going to my lungs to help me breathe.  They call it endotracheal tube.  

My long time pulmo doctor approached me. I know she wanted to scold me but she couldn’t do it. She felt sorry. What she’s avoiding for the longest time already happened. She couldn’t do anything about the tube. They need to revive me. They were able to revive my heartbeat using a defibrillator but they need to make sure that I can breath so they placed the breathing tube for support.

I was admitted for a total of 2 weeks. The first week was not an easy one. My doctor needed to make sure that I can breath accordingly so they didn’t remove the breathing tube for the first five days. It was a painful experience because of the pain in my throat my head had to be tilted all the time and no solid food intake for me either. Instead, the nurse on duty feeds me with Ensure milk through my nose. A tube is inserted in my nose pushed down to my stomach. But before they feed me they had to suction my throat using a machine to retrieve the phlegm. I couldn’t do anything because it’s a procedure that is needed to help me get better so albeit it’s painful my tears were just falling from my eyes.


I decided not to finish that blog post. I wanna keep that story private due to it’s very personal content. At this point i’m grateful and blessed that in my own little way I am able to share my story to others who feel like it’s the end of everything for them.  Stay strong brother, God is Great! I am a living message that he is a forgiving God that he will carry your burden you only have to reach out and open your heart to him.

I had my CD4 test last month and my trend is moving upward. Started with a count of 4 to 150 and last month 350!!

I’m slowly getting my life back, I have a new job and though the project is challenging, very challenging, the battle I won because of God is giving me reason to carry on everyday and never give up.

Hakavod Lashem Brothers!!





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