My Date In 10,800 Seconds


It was just last Thursday when we finally decided to meet and we know right then and there that this courtship is something serious and moving forward. That first hug I can’t forget again, though I’m sounding like a broken record I will say that I felt your love for the first time in the flesh. My heart melted. Not really. But it felt like it. LOL.

It was literally 60 seconds. A once in a lifetime opportunity given to us to know if we will have one shot to ever after, so if we’re gonna meet up again then it means this must be serious after all.

Come Friday Night he said he’s going out this Sat for a follow up check up with his doctor. And since the hospital is just near my workplace I ask if I could see him again and at first he declined because he’s guarded but after using what I learned about THE-ART-OF-PERSUASION I finally got him to say yes!! Para-paraan!! LOL.

So we finally meet again. Nagkahiyaan pa at first pero this time I was able to see him more clearly. The hug. Sigh.. It really felt good. His hands holding mine. The laughter we both shared from our own journeys. The first hands touching his face and his head. Babaw Ko pero masaya na ako sa ganun.

We spent the next 10,800 seconds having breakfast, sharing our quirky stories about work and food trip again. Sinasadya ko yung food trip kasi I want him to get healthy and get more weight. Though, he’s gaining weight na daw it would help if I put in a little push to his full recovery.

Before I went home I hugged him tight and told him “Magpalakas ka….Please… I Love you!” He said yes.

Thank you ah. Today’s rest day was so meaningful. I do love him and my ultimate goal is for him to fully recover and when he showed signs this morning that he’s still not in good shape I know that it’s not yet time. So I’m going to wait for you.

Maaga pa, I want my next one to be my last.


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