Just So You Know


Babe, I know I shouldn’t be saying these words because I have nothing to hold on to since technically we’re not official yet but so what! Life is short. This is what we both feel so why not be honest with ourselves. I’m in love with you.

Thank you for your efforts to be with me. I am aware of what you’re going through and yet you still chose to go out and be with me. Your efforts are dearly appreciated.

You just made my wish come true. Though we didn’t get to experience cruise by the bay dahil ayaw mo sa amoy ng Manila bay okay lang. The thought of us going for a road trip from Megamall to MOA and going back to BGC and me looking at you and holding your hand and kissing you sa cheeks and caressing your head was more than I could ask for. Just being with you is more that enough.

We’ll have more romantic dinner setting pero kain construction worker tayo ulit moving forward hahaha.

Tae ka talaga! We are so opposite and I have so many reasons not to like and love you and yet I feel otherwise.

Mahal na Mahal din kita just so you know…


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