Are We Something?


Woke up with a heavy heart this morning so I decided to message some so called online friends and they were kind enough to lend an ear and understanding to what I am going through.

Some random thoughts of my friends and strangers who gave their points of view about my so called life:

“If he doesn’t respect you enough to define your relationship, then, maybe, it’s time to bounce.”

“I don’t want to wait in vain for your love.”

“Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t know what they want.”

“Kelangan ba ng label? Alam mo status niyo. Take it slow on your boundaries with him. Extend mo bit by bit…May karapatan ka. Take it to the test kung hanggang saan…”

“You deserve to be happy..”

“Friends with benefits ang gusto niya..”

“No matter what the situation is, remind yourself: I have a choice.”

Don’t give your situation as an excuse to say that you’re not ready. The truth is you’re afraid of commitment and you’re afraid of losing your freedom.

This is just a setback for me. I know what I want and I wanna be in a relationship where I know I claim the right to call you my own. If you don’t want to define what we have then why do we say I love you‘s? Mahirap yun bro. Hahaha. I need to know that you’re not gonna wake up one day feeling different.

Chill na lang bro! Hahaha ✌👊


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