After 5 days of sick leave and despite my hesitation of reporting to work because of the bad weather condition I decided to report for work.  I arrived 3 hours earlier so instead of over thinking things again I opted to read some updates to keep up since I’m already left behind my peers.

It was already the start of shift and I noticed that I was the only one logged in. Where the hell is everybody? Then our manager approached me and asked me why am I here today when everybody else is on vacation leave. I explained to him that I was on sick leave and I just got back and did not receive a text message from my superior about my schedule. To cut the story he sent me home while the weather is pretty bad out there :'(.

I had no choice but to just go home. While I was on my way out and traveling back home I felt a sense of emptiness. I needed to talk or hug someone but Bae was not there at the moment. I couldn’t explain but I’m tired.


I don’t wanna over think things anymore. It isn’t helping. Please help me get through this. 🙏😱:'(


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