2014: One Hell Of A Year


Wow, can’t believe I’m almost there, sigh, 2015. It’s overwhelming I must say. It has been one hell of a year for me.

2014 taught me a lot about myself, about what I really want, to fight with what my heart really desires and to fight harder to thrive and not just to survive. Kaya pala! Looking back on what happened to me when I quit my job first quarter of this year it was the toughest and hardest decision I made but it is what it is. I may have lost something that I valued it opened doors for me in terms of learning new things I am capable of doing, like, cooking, yes I can now cook on my own and every time I cook I learn new tricks and I hope to learn more cooking techniques moving forward. 

Living with HIV ain’t easy. I always struggle to keep myself healthy and not get sick. I don’t wanna go through the death anymore.  I’m tired of dying everyday so I fight back and keep myself in shape.  I have more plans this 2015, more biking adventures, get a job, get a career, save up, love myself more and travel more often and be a better version of myself.

Another reason to be excited to 2015 is I’m not gonna be alone in my journey, boyfie ko, I’m excited to travel with you. Thank you for coming in to my life.
I Love You. Thank you for loving me.

Thank You to my family, to the kind people I met who helped me in my battle. Above all, Thank You God for helping me get through my battle. Salamat po Lord sa buhay.

2 days to go before I say goodbye to 2014.  It has been one hell of a year!  2 days more and then I can shout out loud that I survived 2014!!

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