Sundate 💘


I had a blast with our Sundate! I had a great time laughing and playing bowling with you kahit na medyo bano ako maglaro hahaha okay lang mas gusto ko ikaw ang panalo but what I really enjoyed was when we played Dart and made a bet with you that if I win I get to hold both your cheeks and kiss your lips 💪👍(Oh yes para-paraan lang yan!! Hahaha) Paano b yan eh nanalo ako! Bullseye ka sa akin! 🎯🎯🎯 Ramdam mo b hawak ko sa cheeks mo while I was kissing your lips? It was me showing you that I am more than words.

You know what I learned from us today? I learned that we speak through our eyes just like earlier when the rep asked us what our bowling shoe size were and we both didn’t know what to say so we just stared at each other and looked at our shoes and saw my right foot kissing your left foot. It was really sweet just so you know! Can’t help not to take a picture of it and keep a memory of our again unplanned date.

I thank God he made me feel better after the church service, I was having asphyxiation because of my asthma attack. Thank You Lord for this day! 🙏

Thank You! Mahal n mahal din kita and I hope you’re my last one.

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