Let God & Let Go This 2015


I’m really ready to start anew this 2015. I am ready to say goodbye to 2014. I’m teary eyed while drafting this blog maybe because I’m still alive. That means I still have a chance of achieving my dreams.

Geez, enough of the drama Amir. Just be grateful and thank God that you’re still breathing.

To the love of my life.. Thank you. Finally. You found me. You’re the best thing that happened to me this 2014 aside from me being alive. I will always thank the Lord for you. I hope we stay together for as long as we are alive. I will always love you.

Someday, I’m gonna marry you R.P.

Thank You Lord. It’s 11:10 PM December 31,2014 50 minutes before the end of 2014. I Love You Lord.

To all my blood brothers, I pray for strength for everyone. I pray for a breakthrough this 2015. I am hoping, really hoping for a cure. Stay strong and hang in there. Stay strong. Always pray to God and stay healthy!

My name is Amir Bun Q ready to kick some ass and let God and Let Go this 2015!!


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