Mahal Na Mahal Din Kita!


After my interview this afternoon I finally decided to pay him a visit. I have yet to receive a message from him since this morning so I don’t know if something happened or what not. So as soon as I finished my interview in QC I went straight to St. Luke’s where he was admitted. After hours of braving the traffic I finally arrived in St. Luke’s, to my dismay they seemed not to find a record of his name so I asked them to double check maybe his nickname, good thing though I remember keeping a record of his weird name hahaha I’m sorry babe your name is cute but it’s just really weird. Don’t worry I still love you very much and nothing will ever change. ✌☺

Going back, the rep from admission stepped out for 60 seconds and when he came back he asked my complete name and he gave me the room number. What a relief! I thought I wasted my time for nothing!!

So I went straight to his room and it was his older sister who opened the door for me, I remember seeing her and his boyfriend at the lobby while I was waiting for the receptionist, I was observing the people around me…well, honestly, I was looking for anyone like his sister since I’ve seen his sister through the pics that he was sending whenever we’re chatting but it was the first time that I saw that other sister of his that’s why I didn’t recognized the face. Nevertheless, I found his room so I should be AOK.

When I saw him I wanted to cry but I was holding my tears with a fake smile, I wanted to hug him and kiss his forehead and tell him that I’m here and I’m not going anywhere…please be strong for your family and for us. But all I could do was look straight into his eyes and pretend that we’re no more than just friends in front of his sister.

After 20 minutes I decided to leave, I would have wanted to stay longer and take care of him but I’m not yet in the position to decide for him and besides I want him to get a full bed rest so he can fully recover. I’m praying for you babe. I know God will not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to our prayers. Just stay strong and don’t give up.


Mahal n mahal din po kita!

See you very soon babe….

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