Don’t Forget Me.

I am afraid, well, a part of me is. Why? Because your last text message was six hours ago and I have yet to receive a response from you since this afternoon. I do not know if you are okay or if you are having seizures again or fever. Whatever the reason is I hope you are AOK. I have things going on at the top of my head but that would be a selfish thing to say so i’d rather keep them to myself and wait for your text message. I was planning to visit you but you may have your relatives nursing you tonight so I just decided to stay home and rest.

I am still awaiting for the requisition of my employment so I am free to look after you for the time being, just tell me and I will find and make time for you.

I LOVE YOU, no matter what!! Keep that in mind. Don’t you forget me. 😦

Good night, gonna hit the sack early, need to rise and grind tomorrow am need ko mag bike to stay focused with my goals for this year.


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