Love Letter


Dear Babe,

I miss you!! I know magkasama lang tayo last night binabantayan kita pero parang antagal n kitang hindi nakita ulit. Iniisip ko sacrifices natin pareho and narealise ko d ako dapat malungkot. I am very lucky to be love by someone like you and I should be grateful for that. Sorry if I said some hurtful words through text it was just a spur of the moment outburst. I should be more understanding of you, especially now.

Right now,Β  I feel better n konti, well di naman ako affected sobra konti lang LOL, I miss you. Yun lang talaga. Kaya palakas k na. Mahal n mahal kita. What makes me happy now are the memories of us together, the way you hold my hand, kissed me, hugged me, the way we look at each other, yung panghahampas at pangungurot mo at ang mala megaphone mong bibig hahaha. Kidding asawa ko!! Ramdam ko you are proud of me infront of your family. I couldn’t ask for more. πŸ˜„πŸ’™ Close na kami nila Ate at Daddy at Mommy hahaha. Pag okay n lahat mamanhikan n din ako para hingin kamay mo. 😝😍

I love you and I miss you…I mean it!! 😍😝😱

– Amir


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