Last night I had the chance to visit him again and see how he is doing 3 weeks after his hospitalization. Realization- our  genetic make up  is unique in every individual and that we all have a unique timeline in self healing. I say this because I noticed only a slight progress in him. Though, It is something to be happy about even if it is just a small fraction a progress is still a progress.

Cold Treatment.
We had our very first argument last night because of him wanting me to sleep over and me although yes I like the idea but because I am afraid of his parents, insisted that I must not sleep over, so for more than an hour I was trying to reach out to him and make him understand the situation but all I could get was a cold treatment. I love him and would do everything he says so in the end I gave in. We ended the night hugging each other and teary eyed.

It was when I realized what I was getting into. I am in a realationship. We both miss each other and love each other so much that we would be willing to do sacrifices regardless if it will cause chaos from the people around us. Him making me want to sleep over with his family and me travelling 30 kilometers to be with him and skipping church service. In the end we managed to keep everything under control.

Sleepless Night.
It wasn’t our first night together but last night we both didn’t get enough sleep because he had to throw up and had minor asphyxiation. I felt his pain. I saw myself while I was looking at his eyes. I don’t know if it made sense but I told him my story and encourage him to stand still and fight back. All of this shall pass…with God’s help.

This morning when I attended our church service I cried to him. I beg that he spare him from all the physical and emotional pain he is going through. I told him I am grateful for the gift of life and I asked that my only wish for my birthday is for him to really recover for good. He deserves a second chance…we all do.

Mahal Kita. I really do. 😱


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