It was my follow up CD4 test yesterday and like the previous test I really find it stressing because of the longer wait time I have to endure to get the result and the longer wait time for my check up. Needless to say, I managed to get my CD4 result after 6 hours. LOL. I already anticipated it’s gonna take literally whole working day so I asked for my RD to be adjusted.

Anyhow, the struggle and exhaustion of waiting was all worth it because I got the result of my CD4. I scored 511 and my viral load last September 2014 was less than 200. Thank you Lord 🙏. My goal was to reach 500, achieving 511 is so much blessing, in fact, just being alive is already a blessing regardless of the result but then there has to be a basis of progression and that is where the CD4 score come into place. My next  goal is to get 650, and lower than 100 Viral load. I have 5 months to do that. God please help me. I am back working again, I hope to maintain a healthy lifestyle and clean living. With the type of work I have it’s hard to get a goodnight sleep but I will do my best to manage myself. I need to stay within my goal. My main priority is still my health.

I need to get healthy for my family, myself and my special someone.

Thy will be done Lord. 🙏


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