Can’t sleep so I decided to go for a walk and get some air. Not sure why I’ve been feeling down lately. Maybe because of stress caused by my job or could be because of my situation. I decided to skip work today after feeling burned out and my asthma is attacking again. I’m 32 years old and I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. Earlier today, my mom asked me “Anak, 8 years na tayo dito, wala ka bang pangarap para sa akin?” I just stared at her. I wish my mom knew my condition, I wish I can tell her that I can’t go out of the country anymore because I have a condition. I wish my life wasn’t like this na lang. If only I can turn back time I wish hindi na lang naghiwalay parents ko, will I be where I am right now if that didn’t happen? I wish all of this feelings of anxiety will be gone by tomorrow. I never want my personal life to intervene my work. I love my work. Help me Lord. I know you’re there. I know you’re watching me, I know you’re guiding me. Please answer my prayers. Help me accomplish my personal goals and help me achieve the desires of my heart. Whatever I am feeling now, help me get this off my chest and my mind, this is not helping me.


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