Get Tested Now

I haven’t really been vocal about the HIV cases in the Philippines since I was diagnosed probably because my focus for the last 3 years has been my health and now that I have fully overcome the Opportunistic Infections I acquired and managed to get my CD4 up by 511 from a baseline of 4, I think it’s time that I spread awareness to whoever is reading this that “HIV is and should be everybody’s concern”.

If you think something is terribly wrong with your health, then you need to get yourself tested ASAP. I’ve heard stories through our online community group of people who died because of OI’s and though their status were not confirmed as HIV positive, they could have been saved had they consider getting tested and medication.

I myself was on the brink of death countless times since I was diagnosed but with the help of ARV, healthy lifestyle and the will to fight and carry on despite life’s challenges I can say I am humbled and grateful that I am still alive for 3 years now.

Here’s an article posted on the website of Philippine National Aids Council:

PRESS RELEASE: DoH calls for voluntary HIV testing

presss release

Attached to the images above are the numbers that you can call for CONFIDENTIAL HIV TESTING AND COUNSELLING.

It is for free. You may also contact me through email and via Twitter account
if you have questions and concern in taking the HIV Test.

Take the HIV test now and know your status.

– Amir


2 thoughts on “Get Tested Now

  1. Reblogged this on XQUIZIT and commented:
    Thank you for sharing this Amir. Just because we have wonderful medications doesn’t mean the virus isn’t still running strong. Be healthy and well, congrats on some good T numbers

  2. Yes, keep encouraging people to get tested. A lot of people want to ignore it or believe that it’s not a problem anymore, but it is and it affects everyone in some way or another.

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