Some Random Thoughts @ 3 In The Morning

Mental Thing.

Sometimes, I feel that my asthma and asphyxiation is more of a mental thing but then, whenever I wake up every 3 in the AM feeling uneasy and do my neb in order to ease the pain, cant help but to realize I wish it were just psychological.

Dad and his being a womanizer.

Step mom called me up yesterday crying and venting out on how she caught dad and his woman bare naked in their own their own bedroom. I empathize to her because whatever she’s going through now my mom went through exactly the same pain with my dad. I wanted to tell my dad that about my status but felt like it wasn’t the perfect time for that. I told my dad he’s not getting any younger and he should be focusing on us..his kids and his family. My step mom was telling me about the way of life in where they live that at this point in time playing fire with different woman is a venue for him to acquire #HIV.  I wanted to respond but after hearing that three letter word I just nodded and pretended like she didn’t mentioned my condition. 😄 I hope dad will come to his senses before it’s too late. Told my step mom to pray for him and their marriage. Been praying for all of them that God will give them peace of mind and good health. I love my dad and I don’t want anything to happen to him.

Message From Babe

I noticed that babe does not send me SMS/ Viber message like he often does and whenever that happens I find myself in a lonely position. Though, I understand him, why he’s doing what his doing. Just can’t help it sometimes, I miss him.

So last night before we went to sleep we had a chance to chat through viber and I asked a small favor from him. I told him to send me a message as soon as he wakes up. Don’t know if it’s love but I feel happy that whenever I wake up in the morning the first thing I will see when I open my phone is his message. It just brightens up my day. We used to do that when we were still in the courting stage of our relationship but we outgrew that good old habit. So, starting today, we will do that again. I love you babe!! 🙊☺😱


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