A Relapse Of Paranoia

My recurring asthma attacks got me into a state of paranoia so I decided to pay a visit to my ID Physician, Dr. Wico in RITM last week for consultation. Told him that I just needed to make sure that there aren’t any relapse of the PTB I had last year so he agreed to my request for a Sputum and XRAY test.

I needed to wait one week for the result so I had no choice but to extend my patience but I am confident that the frequent attack is nothing more but asthma related case only.

Moreover, I also needed to make sure that I am safe and will not spread any bacteria so I told babe about my concern and decided not to visit him for the meantime. We haven’t seen each other for more than 2 weeks and I’m missing him badly.

It has been a week so I went to RITM today to get the results.  I already expected what the results will be but I needed to make sure that there are medical proof to my claim. I’m very grateful that Ms. Cherry of TB DOTS handed me a photocopy of the result and said the result of my sputum is negative – and that I am still free of PTB. Yay!! 🙏☺


After that, I went straight to Dr. Wico for my follow up check up. He showed me the result of my XRAY and told me that my lungs are normal also and my asphyxiation is more of an Asthma attack.  That confirms my suspicion that I do not have any OI and that the asthma attack could just be triggered by the extreme hot weather condition or my cats or my dog ( but my pup is hypo allergenic!!) or the recent stress I went through with my boss. Regardless of the reason/s, he suggested that I see my pulmonologist for my maintenance medicine ASAP which I will do hopefully next week. I think I need to disclose to her my condition so she can help me treat my asthma effectively, after all she’s been my doctor for 3 years now and she was the one who revived me when I was already DOI.


Can’t think of anything but happiness and gratitude to my Lord God for keeping me safe still. My life being a Poz ain’t easy but I am doing my very best to keep an open mind and stay strong in spite of the challenges I am going through everyday. I am grateful that I am way over that PTB state and that my lungs are clean and normal still. Thank you…Thank You Lord. I pray that you help me and guide me as I go through my life’s journey. My T-score (CD4) test will be this September and my goal is to get higher than my current score. Help me achieve this Lord. I am counting on you. 🙏

P.S. See you next week babe!! 😱☺


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