Shiitake Mushrooms


Shiitake mushrooms really do wonders! For the past couple of weeks I was feeling very sick from having asphyxiation to muscle cramps and got this feeling that I have PCP again. Not sure if the last part was more mental because my doctor already confirmed that my lungs are clear and I should not worry about having a PTB again or Pneumonia, I even blogged about this here.

So last night, I was really feeling under the weather so I asked mom to cook lugaw with Shiitake mushrooms. At first she was hesitant but she noticed that I really looked very pale and dying so she didn’t argue anymore. There’s something about this mushroom! I blame this mushroom for helping me get better faster last year. I remember always associating this to whatever dish I cook and I believe that this mushroom helped me get a higher CD4 score. After 24 hours I feel a lot better. It actually gave me an extra immune booster. I did my research about this mushroom last year and found different articles online telling me about what Shiitake mushrooms can do for me and I never regret incorporating it in my food up to this day. Here’s one article I found online about Shiitake Mushroom

I’m not the only in our family bragging about the wonders of this mushroom, my mom who has a hypertension also ate a bowl with me last night and she noticed that her blood pressure normalized this morning. She hasn’t taken her maintenance meds for few days now and it is imperative that she take those meds but she failed to take them that’s why her blood pressure has been above the normal state for days bow until she tried eating Shiitake mushroom last night.

I must admit, Since I got cured of PTB, Pneumonia last year I did not follow through in incorporating it to my meals. Lesson learned. I need to be consistent this time. I really have to do it. I hope to find a store that sells Reishi mushrooms. I also read interesting health benefits of it. I will blog about it as soon as I find one! 😁☺


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