That Guilt Feeling

               Photo by: @Uzia_april

My usual routine before I go to bed at night is to read Bible quotes and forward to my blood brothers. But tonight I was looking for the perfect bible quotes that would match what I’m feeling.

Been thinking of how my day went by and how I reacted to a few people. I’ve been thinking about the strong words I have blurted out to them. Let’s just say I feel a little guilt for saying such words. Thing is, it’s hard not to react when it’s your mom who is involved. Moreover, It’s hard not to react when the person making parinig to you does not know the whole picture.

I’ll be honest, the liaison officer of my mom’s HMO was unprofessional and was not transparent to all of us so I reacted and blurted out words out of frustration. Moreover, a tweet from someone caught my attention and felt that his message was somewhat pretentious so I posted a tweet reaction with my “honest-humbled-opinion” about the matter.

Babe said patola daw ako. Maybe. I will not go into details but I think since we’re paying the insurance company we deserve transparency. So for me her unprofessionalism was uncalled for and the message was uncalled for either especially when he did not really have the full details of the situation. If the matter does not involve my mom and “my-situation” then maybe I could have toned down slightly and remained care less…Maybe. Would that have solved the problem?

Now, after reflecting on how my day went by. I’m just really grateful that mom is okay and that God is still good to me in spite of that I mean my imperfections.

I’m sorry Lord for the strong words I blurted out earlier today. Teach me to contain myself more and be more patient in every situation moving forward, that I may not find myself having that thing called guilt and regretting the things I will say and also I may not hurt other people’s feelings. Please teach me to be kind all the time. Forgive me Lord for my mistakes. 🙏


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