The Runner

The Homeless

We were living in the streets,  me and my family. I don’t know what made me so happy about it but I was. There were jeepneys passing by and there were a lot of woods. I remember pulling out a nail from a plywood and there was this jeepney driver wanting to pass by but couldn’t get through because I was blocking his drive way, then, as soon as I pulled out the nail from the plywood I stood up and apologized but he said something about me blocking his way except that, whatever it is that he said, he said it in the English language. I didn’t mind what he said though, I just smiled. I think I smiled because I was amazed that he spoke English fluently.

When I got tired of doing whatever it is that I was doing I decided to put it to a halt and rest for a while. So we rested on the center aisle somewhere in Manila. Weird thing was we were playing a small radio transistor and I was just thinking deeply about work. (Work?)


I don’t remember how long we rested but when I realized I was back on the streets I was already alone and my family weren’t there anymore. I wasn’t afraid though, but this time there were a lot of jeepneys but they weren’t moving at all. There’s this one jeepney who had passengers inside it and then two guys were standing at the back like they were ready to hop in, but they were waiting for something to happen. Then I heard a conversation between them and it wasn’t a good one so I decided to hide at the back of one of the jeepneys across them. Strange, since I was far from them I still can hear what they were talking about and I think I got curious with what they were trying to do so I took a peek and I could see that they were robbing the passengers, then, there’s this one passenger who didn’t want to surrender his belongings so they were yelling at him. I think the commotion started when they noticed me hiding from a far so I ran away from them as fast as I could but they tried to follow me. Turned out that another passenger escaped and ran after me so they were following us both. I was just running until I came across an empty road then when I turned right, I noticed a small apartment, the door was broken so to get inside I had to pull the edges upward. I think the guy followed me as well. When I got inside it had a very small room, then I noticed two lovers, a man and a woman either they were cuddling or making love when I got inside. When they saw me they weren’t surprise or scared at all, it was like they already expected me to arrive. The guy didn’t say anything but he looked at his woman and the woman asked me “What do you need?”, so I told them “I am sorry I barged in I needed to escape. An armed person is trying to hurt or kill me. I need a place to hide. Do you know a way out here like a backdoor?” Then, the woman pointed to the small window near their bed, it was made up of plastic screen, I think, it was transparent, so I can see what’s outside. The outside was like the mini garden in Gateway mall. It had two escalators though, so I thank them both and opened the window and ran into to the escalator going up.

The Shortcut

Next thing I remember, I was already in Market Market and it was day two of running from one location to another. Either I was going crazy or someone was really chasing after me. I just kept on running inside the mall, it was open and not sure why the guards or the people around me didn’t call my attention but I was just running, I then bumped into some nice women, who helped me escape by pointing me to a shortcut inside the mall. I think they also use that shortcut if they want to escape since I was watching all three or four of them enjoying their time at the shortcut. Let’s just call it a shortcut. Hmm, if you’ve ever been to a cinema, they have fire exits, that when you pass by that door it will lead you to a steel ladder, a super greasy one, like even the floor is really greasy, going out of the building, I think that’s the best description I can give to that what they call The Shortcut. Funny though, the passenger who escaped was still following me and I think he needed help as well so I let him passed by the shortcut door then gave instructions. I didn’t see him again after that.

When we all got out of the building
I think I was so grateful to all of them that I hugged each one of the women. This one woman though, I think she likes me, I just don’t know If I feel the same way for her, but I kissed her, I think she may have insulted me at first when I only gave her a hug LOL.

The Dream

Next thing I know, I opened my eyes and they’re all gone. It was all but silence, darkness inside my room. It was just a dream, I thought. But it left me a lot of questions at the top of my head.

1) Why was I happy being homeless?
2) What does the running mean? Am I running from something or someone?
3) Who were the guys chasing after me?
4) Who was the guy who followed me?
5) Who were the women who helped me escape?
6) Who were the lovers who helped me escape?
7) what do the greasy shortcut and the transparent window mean to me?
8) Does the immobile jeepneys mean anything to me?

If I were to compare my dream life to waking life, it appears that I am living my life more in my dream life than in my waking life. Is this the side effect of Efav? I can’t explain it but the time in my dream life was fast forward that when I compared it to my waking life, the episodes for the last forty eight hours only happened in two hours and thirty minutes. Huh? I have only been asleep for three hours. Did I just compare my dream time and my waking life time? It will require me to dig deeper about the quantum physics of time in dream state and waking life and that would be another blog post. The idea that everything happened in two and a half hours still mystifies me at this point. I hope to find the answers to all these questions. If the dream is a message then certainly the persons, the things and the events that transpired symbolizes something about my life.


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