The Countdown

Six months ago I blogged about my unexpected CD4 result here and three days from now I will have my anniversary and follow up CD4 test again at RITM and I am feeling hopeful.. still, despite my erratic health routine to stay in good shape. In all honesty, I have been complacent that I got to the point that I did not have the discipline I used to have when I was striving to achieve a CD4 higher than 300. Nowadays, I sleep very late and I rarely go cycling and I rarely exercise. I don’t know if I will still get a CD4 higher than 500 but I am praying that the little efforts I am doing during the last six months to achieve a healthy body will add up and will help me get a higher score. Otherwise, i’m just going to have to start from scratch and make sure to re-evaluate my goals, my lifestyle, everything and make sure to follow through with the right mindset for me to live longer and stay healthy. After all, I am still alive so that should be more than enough reason for me to be grateful. I just have to take this as an opportunity to be better moving forward.

This is my CD4 trend since I was diagnosed last September 10, 2012: 04 — 150 — 350 — 511– ??

Lord God, I can’t thank you enough. I will be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary and I can’t thank you enough for extending my life. I admit I have not been a good christian, my mind is not clean and my heart is probably not clean but I never forget all the good things you have done to me. I’m no longer asking for material things, all I ask at this point is for you to help me carry my cross. I still want to live longer for my family. I still have a dream and a goal to achieve for them.

Please help me, Thank you Lord.


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