Open Letter To President Noynoy Aquino & To Our Future Leaders

I don’t need to be an A.B. Political Science graduate or study in a very expensive institution for me to understand how important leadership is in any organization in the private and public sector. An effective leader is someone who has a vision, determination and has the political will to take the necessary actions for the good of his domain.  Take note, I said effective not good, nor okay because times have changed, we are now living in a society when everything is attainable with just a blink of an eye. Gone are the days when we only take action on a reactive approach. We are now living in a proactive society when one does not have to speak or say a word to anyone for them to know the expected action that they should be taking. But if this is not the case for our Philippine leaders then no doubt this is the reason why after 117 years we are still left behind in Asia.

A classic example is President Aquino’s administration specifically the incumbent Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) of the Philippines-  Joseph Emilio “Jun” Aguinaldo Abaya. Your leadership Sec. Abaya is a classic example of a secretary or a boss with a very impressive credentials but lack the very essential foundations of an effective leadership. I speak not just for myself but for all the Filipino people who bravely and patiently ride the “country’s premiere transit system- MRT (Metro Rail Transit)”. Sir, I don’t understand why you are still in your post. I don’t know why the president is tolerating your incompetent actions. Take for example the decision to change the ticketing system. Is that what the Filipinos who are riding MRT really need?  Philippine government wasted my taxes and the taxes of the Filipino people by spending billions of pesos for the Ayala and First Pacific groups owned payment solutions. Instead of listening to our clamor and our needs, Philippine Government decided that it will be a wise decision to just improve the ticketing system without looking into the bigger picture –That is improving the transit technology by getting highly competent technicians, and most importantly high quality trains.

During my ride on my way to Edsa- Taft from Ayala station earlier this morning, MRT tested my patience and I was at a point of losing my wit. The stress was not triggered by my work, it was the ineffectiveness of MRT technology in serving the masses.  Rail transport system is the most important medium of transportation across the globe and at this point I appeal to Aquino administration and to our future leaders to heed our call. If our government can’t do a better job then might as well let MRT go and sell this to the private sectors who are way capable of managing it. Better if you focus your energy in addressing the major issues that our country is still facing such as addressing poverty, improving the health sector and better education system. Jaime Lerner once said If you provide good alternatives for public transport, you won’t have traffic problems.” Maybe we don’t need to look far for a solution to the traffic problem in EDSA. If we build a way better railway/train systems maybe we can lessen the people from driving their vehicles or impose a law that would require them not to drive their private vehicles once a week and encourage them to ride the MRT. That will definitely help lessen the bumper to bumper traffic. 

If time is not important to you Sec. Jun Abaya. It is to us who are minimum if not above wage earners. Every second and minute that is wasted in our work is a deduction to our salary. Not to mention the humongous tax that we are paying you for your high salary so you can buy luxury cars and well off life for your family and for yourself is another burden to us. Let me reiterate sir. Time is essential to us. Time is money to us. 

Again, to our future leaders. Whoever will be the next President, VP or Senators. Please do your fucking job. I have the right to utter that because i’ve been paying my taxes since I graduated high school and up to now I am still paying my taxes. I wouldn’t complain if I see progress but if all i’m seeing are promises and more politics then you’re wasting our time. If time isn’t important to you then you need to ride the MRT or Bus during rush hour so you would see the reality of our transport system here in the Philippines. We Filipinos may not have learned our lesson but we have certainly matured and just by one look we know when a politician running for a higher post is all B.S. That is a warning not a threat.

P.S. To Secretary Abaya- Since President NoyNoy Aquino has no balls to remove you from your current post. I, We the Filipino people, along with your great grandfather Emilio Aguinaldo highly encourage you to relinquish your post. If you still respect what’s left of your great grandfather’s reputation. (If he has one) then step down. And If you have plans of running for a higher position, we regret to inform you that we have no plans of putting you on that post. Just so you know.



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