Run- Down

This is the first time since I started that I skipped running and just when I need a physical and mental boost because i’m feeling a little run-down, I have no choice but to take a day off from my exercise training and fully recover from this Sinus infection.

Should I skip and rest to fully recover or go out and run? Reading some articles online and i’m afraid that if I run, this will worsen and will develop into a respiratory infection or lung problems. I am susceptible to that since I am asthmatic since birth and immuno-compromised so I am having second thoughts of going for a run today even if it’s a quick run. Can’t afford to be absent from work. My immune system is already doing too much work to keep me stay alive so I don’t wanna stressed it even more. I have a goal to catch and I can’t be sick. So I decided to take a sick day. Hopefully, by next week I should be able to run again.

Got to get better now!!  I will be. 👆👆👆🙏


2 thoughts on “Run- Down

  1. Hi Amir! I am an avid runner and after visiting Greece in October I picked up a horrid cold. It affected my chest and I couldn’t breathe without it hurting. I am HORRIFIC at resting – I find resting a lot more challenging than exercise!! However, I listened to my body and took a week off…I got 100% better in that week and have come back stronger! Rest up, my friend!

    • Hi! I’m sorry it took me a while to respond to your commend. I am still running up to now but of course I listen to my body so I make sure I get enough rest. Happy New year by the way!

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