Goodbye, 2015!

Good Morning. Thank You Lord for waking me up on the last day of the year 2015. I will start my day by attending a morning devotion with my family and later on I will go on a morning jog to embrace the remaining hours of this year.  I wanna get a last glimpse of my surroundings, I wanna witness the last sunrise of 2015.

2015 has been very generous to me in aspects of my career and health. Firstly,  there was an unexpected mishap in my career during the first half of this year.  The career I thought I had back was taken from me but after several attempts of job interviews, believe me I have almost come to a point of asking myself whether I am capable of being normal again and doing a normal task,  I finally got the job that I think fits me.  The stress level is manageable and I can say I am pretty much well compensated compared to my last employer.  Couldn’t complain and couldn’t ask for more. 

Secondly,  For a change I will be ending this year with no hospital admission.   This is new!  LOL,  Kidding aside,  I am grateful that the universe and the Lord conspired to make sure I stay in shape.  I still get sick though but minor ones and not really that serious.

I will be ending the year at work…working.  Boring for others but for someone who has a lung condition this will be in my favor.  So before I welcome 2016, I wanna talk to 2015 wholeheartedly:

“Hey 2015, Thank you for your generosity to me and my family,  the year before you was memorable as well but I’d say your year gave me all the signs that I was ready to have a normal life again.  Please tell your successor to be kinder to people like me.  You know what I mean.  Please tell him to go easy on me.  I’ve been through a lot but I’m ready for his challenges, if not I will just look back to the previous years and reflect on the experiences,  I may get something which will help me moving forward,  if ever I get into a bad situation with 2016. Please tell him I’m ready to fall again.  Time is what we don’t have.  Now is,  so I don’t really know what your successor will offer.  Nevertheless,  Thank You, it has been a great journey 2015! i’m gonna miss you!”

To 2016: “Hey,  Go easy on me.  Ok? Let’s be very good friends.  I promise to be kinder to you if you promise to be kind to me. Looking forward to a great year with you 2016! See you later!”

I think that’s about it.  I wrote this blog today December 31st,  the year is 2015. Time check: 3:57 AM Philippine Standard Time.  I’m on page 365 of my year 2015. I’m ready to close this chapter of my life and start a new page with 2016.

How will you start the last day of 2015? How will you end it?

Happy New Year Everyone!  Wishing you all a prosperous and blessful year ahead.  God Bless! 


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