Dear Doc,

Dear Doc,

I still don’t know your name. I remember you asking me once ‘ano tatawag mo sa akin?’  but I didn’t respond. I don’t want to give my name just yet. And besides, I don’t know yours either so I think there’s a mystery and I like it this way. I want to give my name if and when we will formally meet each other. I wanna look you in the eye when I give my name to you. What do you think? 😂

Thank you for keeping me company virtually all day. I felt your presence. Maybe because of the type of profession that you do for a living. Thank you for calling me and convincing me not to go to work and have myself check instead. Not that I need to be convinced but I guess sanay na ako magisa at sanay na ako sarili ko lang nag aalaga sa akin so this is a little new to me. I don’t want to get used to this just so you know. Nothing is permanent. But I want you to know every conversations that we share is worth keeping. Thank you. Don’t worry too much this is just a plain sinusitis. I just need to rest this and I should be fine. 👍😇

You make me happy. 


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